07 August 2010

No Sale Photos and Speed Build Rumors

First, the camera went dead as I pulled it out at Tysons Center Mall last night, so no photos of the store sale. Rest assured, it was an enjoyable time and everyone had a chance at something nice, regardless of place in line. The last customer out the door in the first round STILL ended up buying a Death Star, so the store's stock was managed well. Bravo LEGO!

Second, there is a rumor running around the 'Fair that Steve Witt will be using the newly unveiled Tower Bridge for tonight's speed build. We MIGHT get a good look at the parts and contents. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. I know how these ended. At least Brickapolis got us a few Tyson's photos. The speed build photos I've seen haven't been as great, but there is one of the exact moment I dumped out all the bags and threw the box behind me.