02 August 2010


Arthur Gugick's stunning world landmark models as they appeared in 2009.
Art will be hosting two seminars on Architecture during this year's event.

Brickfair is about more than building or cavorting with friends. It's also about getting the chance to discuss new techniques, building philosophies and generally share information. For full registered participants, the weekend always provides for some great opportunities to sit down and chat about how we do what we do in the Lego hobby. In the past, these seminars have ranged from presentations on the process of designing Brickarms and custom fan-created pieces to informal gatherings around Pennlug's layout to discuss steam train design to cramped roundtable discussions on landscaping with the brick.

This year is tough to tell. Most of what we know about presentations and sessions comes from the current schedule posted on the Brickfair website. Todd has assured us that he wants SOME of Brickfair to be a surprise, so for now, the complete descriptions will only be available in the program guide, distributed at check-in. That doesn't mean we can't speculate a bit though, right?

Jenn Wagner, better known as “The Brick Chick” will be running two sessions, one on Friday Morning and a followup on Sunday, geared toward TFOLs and their place in the community. Jenn, Arthur Gugick and Joe Meno (of Brickjournal) are teaming up to present a series of Teen-centric activities for the weekend, including a tour of MOCs and a group collaborative “milk and cookies” build during public hours.

Art Gugick will be taking the stage himself (twice!) to discuss his astounding models of real-life architectural wonders. Art builds at a variety of scales, using parts in new and unique ways. This is sure to be a “not-to-be-missed” opportunity. During Friday’s session, Art promises to let participants get hands-on in a build lab. (*Shameless Plug Alert*) In addition to Art’s presentation on Architecture, I’ll be offering up a session on Friday at noon, immediately after Art’s, on Minifig scale architecture and finding inspiration in real architectural styles.

Danny Pikora (chief, cook and bottle washer over at Fascinating LEGO® Model of the Day) will be hosting a "Blogger's Roundtable" on Saturday Morning. If previous roundtables at Brickfair serve as any indication, expect this event to be more informal chat than formal presentation. Nonetheless, this might prove to be an excellent networking opportunity for the AFOL and TFOL blogging community, to help forge better relatonships between blogs.

Finally, Jamie Berard, LEGO Group model designer, will be presenting on Friday afternoon on “Concept Models.” No doubt, Jamie will be sharing some of the lost features and interesting artifacts of his stellar CafĂ© Corner-series of set designs.

There are plenty of other sessions which are sure to be interesting. Check your program guide when you get to the ‘Fair. I know it’s the first thing I’ll be doing!

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