06 August 2010

Friday's Festivities!

Justin and Jessica Rupp speak to a CBS Sunday Morning reporter about their LEGO Chuppah during Friday's setup time.

Friday has come and gone already, and most of the particpants here at Brickfair are gearing up to head to Tysons Corner Mall for the annual "Running of the Bulls," store sale event. The convention hall is now quiet, but today was humming with last minute setup and MOC tweaking. Mosaics appeared today, and some were quite impressive, including collaborative builds from St. John's Lutheran Church in Sudbury, Connecticut. They've documented the project in a video on YouTube.

Jamie Berard gave an excellent presentation spotlighting the design process that LEGO undertakes in cranking out sets for retail. He displayed white model mock-ups of a number of creator sets. The white mockups are used to help designers and focus groups hone in on design elements and structure, rather than focusing on color aesthetics. Jamie also unveiled 10214 Tower Bridge to the attendees, and showed a sealed box, stating that Steve Witt had plans for it later.

Speaking of Steve Witt, the Lego North American Community Relations Coordinator led a Q&A session with a healthy number of die-hard fans. After dispatching the typical questions about color changes and not being able to speak about upcoming product releases, Witt got into meatier topics. He DID confirm that LEGO will be producing sets next year for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean 4, but couldn't do much more than confirm the Comic Con rumors. See the previous post for a complete rundown of Steve's comments.

Finally, a reporter from CBS Sunday Morning and his camera crew were trawling around the Expo Center today, filming interview spots with various AFOLs. Among those interviewed were Justin and Jessica Rupp, about their LEGO Chuppah. The pair built the wedding canopy for their ceremony this past year, and brought it along for the 'Fair for display. Watch CBS Sunday Morning in the coming weeks for the complete main-stream media coverage of the event (!).

Alright, now it's time for ME to get ready for Running of the Bulls and wind down from an eventful day. Check the Flickr stream late tonight or early tomorrow for photo coverage of this year's store event.

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