13 August 2010

Like a House of Cards...

Wifi Fail! The internet was spotty at best in the DEC, which put the kibosh on the Live Blogging experiment relatively quickly. Add in the fact that, aside from covering the event I wanted to experience the event and had a few events to run (seminar and Parts Draft), and the weekend slipped by so quickly.

Work began to catch up with me (two vacation days), plus the fact I'm trying to make progress on my masters thesis. So I'll be Dead Blogging the event, with some recap posts in the next week or two. Then I'll begin transitioning this blog over to a sporadic blog about LEGO, highlighting interesting creations and commenting on the ubiquitous community infighting that constantly seems to plague AFOLs. Think Twee Affect (possibly the most truthful and fruitful LEGO blog in the intertubes, IMHO) only with a bit less vulgarity, a little more focus on creations and a little less strident.

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