05 August 2010

Just a few more hours...

Listen to that synth horn line!

Here's to hoping that everyone's getting pumped for Brickfair 2010. I'm looking at the MOC registry right now, and it's reading exactly 1200 individual creations. They range from the stellar to the banal, and everything in between. I thought I'd bring together a few MOCs I'm looking forward to seeing "in the brick." First on the list is Cale Leiphart's excellent Mobil station. I had the privilege of ogling this one at Brickmagic this spring, and was very impressed.

Next on the list is Lord Kenn's "Battle of the Alamo." Although this picture is relatively unassuming, the central structure of the Alamo Mission looks just about spot-on. I'm looking forward to meeting another builder who transfers real-life landmarks into Lego.

There look to be a good deal of historical military MOCs in the pipeline for this year's 'Fair. As a military historian, expect a good deal of coverage of the cream of the crop, as well as perhaps a self-serving MOC spotlight on one of my creations.

Who you gonna call? I can't possibly resist the Ghostbusters, modeled by Steve Friedman. I live in Gettysburg, which has so recently become the ghost capital of the world. I'm a natural born skeptic, and drive through the streets of Gettysburg blaring Ray Parker's theme to the 1984 comedy flick.

Pop culture always abounds at Brickfair. Among the other references sure to be on the tables are healthy doses of Doctor Who, Star Wars and other popular Sci-Fi, not always popping up where you'd expect.

Finally, I'm looking forward to this model viola by Cindy English. Cindy has taken on this year's special theme full-bore. From the photo, this Viola appears to be an exquisite model.

Among other Music themed highlights look to be a Mindstorms powered band, other models of instruments and sculptures representing musical notes, and a few surprises of which, from their descriptions, I have no idea what to expect (Alvin Brant's "Cornbread", for instance, is apparently related to the Dave Matthews Band, but otherwise is completely confounding).

There's quite a few more MOCs, but time is running late tonight. I've packing to do and last minute details to complete, so until tomorrow, I must bid the blogging world, "adieu!" Hopefully I'll have plenty of time to recap all of the best MOCs during the event this weekend, bringing the highlights and cool techniques direct from the 'Fair to you.

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