26 July 2010

10 Days to Brickfair!

Details of Sandy Cash's brilliant Brickistan model from 2009's Brickfair. Expect more excellence from Sandy this year. Edit: See Comments.

Brickfair is only a week and a handful of days away. I'm hoping to be able to liveblog a bit of the event at this site, highlighting some of the best creations and insightful breakout sessions for those that can't make it to Northern Virginia for the four days of Lego craziness and fun.

There's a rumor that Wifi will be available in the conference facility itself. If so, I should be updating a lot. If not, I'll try to do roundups and highlight posts in the evening from the hotel.

Regardless, keep coming back as we gear up for the 'Fair here in the Mid-Atlantic!


  1. I hate to break it to you, but Sandy can't make it after all (even though he had already signed up and paid).

    10 days - yikes! There's still so much work to do. If I do BrickFair in 2011, I'm definitely not going to plan on debuting a big project at it.

  2. That's an absolute bummer, Dan. Seriously, I was looking forward to seeing the new Arabian city concept that Sandy was telling me about at Brickmagic...

    I hear you on the "running short on time" thing... I've gone from sketch model to finished project in about 7 frantic hours of building spread over this weekend, just because Magnus is counting on my contribution.